Six Weeks In

It’s been six weeks since my initial appointment with the functional medicine practitioner. I’ve been taking a ridiculous amount of supplements. My gut feels better than it has in longer than I can remember, though the gut-health protocol hasn’t made a huge (as in discernible) difference to my mood, my mental clarity, my energy levels. 

A week ago I started the new protocol to restore my flat-lined adrenal glands. In addition to four new supplements, I’ve cut my alcohol intake to almost zero, decreased my simple sugar intake even further, and have done my level best to be in bed, already defragged by a little in-bed reading, with the lights out by 10pm (extremely challenging for me, but somehow doable). The first three nights I slept little and poorly, and by the third morning I was so exhausted I could barely function. It was worse than it already had been, and that’s saying a lot. The next two nights I slept great, last night was another challenging night.

But my mood does seem to be improving. I’m more optimistic. I’ve been doing things, being productive. Not all of a sudden a whole lot, but a little bit here and a little bit there. I’m starting to get excited about my move back to Michigan, and the past two days I’ve accomplished necessary tasks that I simply hadn’t been able to face before. Today I actually sorted and cleaned and organized the desk/office area in my bedroom, which included – gasp – filing, and even throwing away scribbled-on scraps of paper! I’ve cut way back on the time spent watching NetFlix and haven’t replaced all of it with reading. I’ve taken the time and energy to make really great salads for my lunches, and I’ve started having a power-packed breakfast every day (it’s been years since I was a consistent breakfast eater). These may seem like little tiny things to a person without crisis-level adrenal fatigue, but to me these are huge accomplishments.

I spoke with a friend today who, many years ago, had a similar diagnosis concerning her adrenals. She told me, as did my doctor and the internet, to figure on one to two years for a full recovery. That sure seems like a lot. But I already see progress, even if just a little. You know what that’s like for someone like me, someone who’s struggled with these issues for forty years? It seems like a very bright light at the end of a long, long tunnel.

That works for me.

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