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What would you do if you inherited a century’s worth of mysteries?

PictureOn the morning of her birthday, Emma awakens from a joyous dream of flying over a beautiful seaside landscape. But dreaming is as close as she has ever come to the happiness she longs for. Devastated by childlessness and divorce, she is isolated and deeply depressed. Then on that fateful birthday a mysterious package arrives. Inside is a photograph straight out of her dream, a packet of… tea? And a letter addressed to her, yet signed with her name: Emma Rae Wright. Add to that a phone call from a lawyer in California who informs her of an inheritance from an unknown relative, and Emma is catapulted into a journey across country and across decades. 

How does a confirmed recluse juggle attractive men, priceless Russian jewels, ageless missing relatives, secret journals, and herbal concoctions that have rather curious healing properties? From her dingy Michigan apartment to shadow-dappled redwood forests, from a dead-end job to a partnership in an exotic and unusual company, Emma’s life gets tangled beyond recognition. And just when it seems that one more straw might break her, she has a close encounter with a giant tree in an ancient and mystical wood, changing the boundaries of her reality forever. 

Caught between the need to make sense of ever more baffling circumstances, and an irresistible pull into a whole new world, Emma must choose her path. Will she succumb to the influence of her smothering inner introvert, or will she take on the extraordinary legacy left behind by a woman who disappeared without a whisper over ninety years ago?

3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Books

  1. Jeanne

    I’ve been through all the gut problems you describe, the rotation diet, and all. For one thing, I have Celiac Disease (had to figure it out on my own, with help from my local Celiac support group). Try eliminating wheat, rye, and barley. You might see a big change. Also, look up Medical Medium Anthony William. He is absolutely wonderful to help people heal health problems. You can find some of his shows on YouTube. He has a radio show on Best of luck. I’m reading Turn Left at Cloud 9 and love it!

    1. sarahj Post author

      Hi Jeanne! Sorry it took me a few days to respond. Thanks for your suggestions! I’ve been wheat/gluten free for about a year and a half now. I’ve gotten so much better since following my functional medical practitioner’s advice and supplement protocol. Still struggle with depression and some anxiety, but nothing like it used to be, especially the anxiety. I’m so glad you’re loving Cloud 9! I’m within a couple of days of (finally!) publishing the companion novel to it, Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea. I’m so excited! Thanks again for your counsel and encouragement, and best of luck as you heal.

      1. Jeanne Callahan

        Dear Sarah,

        It’s taken me this long to find your reply. Before I did, I found an old note on my desk about Cloud 9. That led me to find and order Deep Blue Sea. I can’t wait to read it! I love your imaginative stories and their light-heartedness. I know I will feel happy reading this new book. Thank you.



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