God Help Me Keep Breathing!

Just when I’ve got my stress maintained at a manageable level, Whoosh!!! Here comes the storm! Life is not always in alignment with what I think it should be, and I do struggle with that, though weakly. This move to Michigan was not my first choice – or even my second or third – but it was by far my best choice, and I’ve come to be very excited about it, eager to be living back with many great friends, to have a place of my own (more or less) and to maybe even have a job I’ve wanted for two years now, ever since my long summer there in 2013. Moving all my stuff cross-country is intimidating, but my dear (and slightly crazy) friend had decided to drive himself, a cohort, a van and a trailer all the way from Michigan to California, load my stuff up with his Ninja packing skills, and get me and mine all safely back across the country in a rambling, “let’s stop at Yellowstone while we’re at it!” kind of way. There were certain aspects of that plan that made my stomach clench in panic, but I was doing a pretty good job of breathing and letting my friend worry about the details.

But as of yesterday, that whole plan has been scotched. This friend, who I love oh-so-dearly, is now in the middle of a very serious health crisis. While the doctor didn’t actually say, “Do you want to go to California, or do you want to keep your foot?”, he implied it – strongly.

That would be enough trouble, upsetting enough, all by itself. But add to that the fact that now all my fears about doing this move alone, hauling a trailer over the river and through the woods (not to mention across big bad mountains!) are screaming at me in their outside voices. And while I believed, heart and soul, that he could pack all the worldly goods of three people into a 4 x 6 trailer and two vans, I’m not at all confident that I can pack my 1-1/2 rooms’ worth into, well, whatever I end up with. Clearly, another trip to U-Haul is in order. I don’t even know if my little Toyota Sienna has the guts to make this trip while hauling a trailer.

And we’re not even gonna talk about the whole job thing. . . .

This was perhaps not the best time to go off coffee and alcohol. I would kill for a cup of coffee right about now! – but I won’t kill myself for it. Same goes for a glass of wine. It just ain’t worth it, no matter how good my little self says it will be. If my observation from earlier this week is accurate, the relief a glass of wine would give me today would transmogrify into two days of raging panic and depression. What I’ve got right now is enough, thank you very much!

So join me as I raise a glass – of water! – and proclaim: Here’s to the grand adventure! God help me keep breathing!!

6 thoughts on “God Help Me Keep Breathing!

  1. Judy

    So go back and read How to Be a Redhead again, and then read Left Turn at Cloud 9. That Maggie, and that Emma? They are YOU. YOU can DO this!

    1. sarahj Post author

      Thank you! I know I can. And I will. Sometimes, though, it all does feel mighty overwhelming. But I’m feeling much better, now that I’ve gotten the big freak-out out of my system. 🙂

  2. Frank Norton

    Water,water everywhere but not a pure drop to drink ! Since the most common metal in the Earth’s crust is Aluminum, it dissolves into all ground water. Aluminum is a metal that adversely effects the brain. To avoid this dissolved Aluminum and other toxins, my family has drank distilled water over the past some 40 years. Exceptions are when we go traveling , and bottled water is used. My wife’s past family members were poisoned from well watering a home they purchased in Mississippi several generations ago.

    Water is the strongest solvent and will disolve glass over time.

  3. Frank Norton

    Since the universe consists of matter and living thought, then thoughts are able to influence matter. This may not be true if there are universes without living thought, for matter may not be possible without living thought.

    A Southern American style of folk magic is called HOODOO ! This magic relates to to the idea of taking your will and mental imagery and translating them to concrete circumstances. Our thoughts contribute to in a concrete way to what we actually experience in our day to day outer lives.

    Here, thoughts are causative for future events.

  4. Frank Norton

    Is your human body by design ? Or is it a result of our ancestral Neanderthal or other primates ? It would seem that our DNA separates us from other primates ever since our number 2 chromosome attached to another chromosome over 200,000 years ago.

    Our extraordianary abilities we can do on demand :
    1. Capacity to self heal
    2. Self regulate our body
    3. Activate an enhanced immune system
    4. Sympathy
    5. Empathy
    6. Compassion
    7. Intuition or direct knowledge ( Your body has knowledge from your aura around you … and may be associated with chills down your arm)

    Our DNA sets us apart from from other primates, including our advanced brain and nervous system.


  5. Frank Norton

    God help me keep breathing … and continue to keep me living. Actually the length of time we live is up to us. Time is relative to the observer … we actually create it !

    Thus the process of aging is related to our ability or disability to remember. An observer without a brain would not be able to experience time or aging. A biology-centered view of the world asserts the pivotal rule of consciousness in creating reality with space and time being not absolute. Realities are rather tools of the human animal mind.

    The experience or emergence of the arrow of time is related to the ability of observer’s to preserve information about experienced events.


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