Days 299 – 301: Kitty, Fame and Fortune, Six Basic Human Needs

20141026_115153I have to admit it: although I have a high regard for all life (such that I don’t even like killing mosquitoes, and I’m a spider-saver from way back), I’m not really what you could call an animal lover. We had dogs, guinea pigs, parakeets, finches, doves and fish while I was growing up, and as an adult I had a dog for 16 years that I loved dearly. I’ve had affection for a couple of cats, but my body doesn’t respond well to cats, and I was told by my eye doctor that I’m allergic to them. In general, I prefer to keep animals (with the exception of my beloved little sisters, the bees) at arm’s distance. However, David has a dog, Baby, and a cat, Kitty, and though my eyes are itching and swollen regularly, we get along all right. I even petted Kitty one day when no one was looking. He’s actually pretty cool. Mostly, though, I ignore them all as much as possible. But Sunday 20141026_115058afternoon, I had a weak moment. Usually I have no patience for cats on the counter, but this is David’s house and David’s cat, so I let him (the cat) go where he will. And for some unfathomable reason, I suddenly decided to go one step closer to the dark side, and actually turn on the water in the kitchen sink so Kitty could have fresh, running 20141029_090903water. I certainly never did that before!

Monday, day 300 (DAY 300!!!), we walked down the hill for an appointment at A Page in the Sun, a cafe and used bookstore for the English speakers in PV. I was meeting the owner, Lindsey, to talk about me doing a book reading and signing. We got there way early, so we sat outside having breakfast. A man came by selling honey, and a lady who had been talking our ears off on a variety of topics started telling us all about this guy’s honey and his different products. He sells a white honey that is specifically for use in the eyes. I had never heard of that, and of course it really piqued my interest, so I bought a little bottle. She warned that it might burn a little at first. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH!!! OWOWOWOW!!!! But only for a few minutes. SHEESH! David tried it too. And you know, once the sting went away (it only stung David a little bit), our eyes felt pretty darn good for the rest of the day. I googled it when I got home, and, sure enough, this is a known use for honey. Imagine that! I used it again that night, the next morning, and again this morning. The sting wasn’t quite so bad, plus Bee on handmy eyes don’t itch nearly as much as they usually do down here with the cat and pollen and dog.

When we first got to the bookstore, David’s friend Chris was waiting for us. She was reading the hot-off-the-press issue of Vallarta Tribune. I glanced at the open page, and there was the article of my interview about beekeeping! And one of my favorite pictures of one of my bees on my hand. That was fun! And then, the whole reason we were there in the first place, we set up an Author’s Event for November 11, just two days before my grand Mexican adventure comes to an end.

Day 301. I’m a great believer in serendipity, in the perfect alignment of two or more seemingly unrelated things or events. We’ve been watching some of Tony Robbins’ online seminars. from his Robbins-Madanes Coach Training. I am a big fan of his work, simply because it has had an immeasurable and positive influence in my life and in my journey with depression. In these seminars, they talk about the six basic human needs, needs that all humans everywhere share and will do whatever it takes to get met. They are 1) Certainty/safety, 2) Variety, 3) Significance, 4) Connection/love, 4) Growth, 5) Contribution. According to this philosophy, if any behavior meets at least three of the top four needs for a person, whether in a positive or negative way, it’s addictive. If a person wants to change habitual behaviors, it’s useful to understand how they are meeting those top needs, and how those needs can be met in a more desirable manner.

I mention this because I’m having a lot of trouble these days dealing with the everyday stuff of living in a foreign country with someone I’d never met before. It has become increasingly clear to me that I have some ways of talking to myself (mind chatter, or monkey mind, as the Buddhists call it) that are making me miserable, but I can’t seem to change it, even though I theoretically know how and have had a lot of practice. I started thinking about that whole idea that behavior that meets at least three of the top four basic human needs is addictive, so as I was doing the dishes I started asking myself how thinking bitchy thoughts, how seeing the bad more easily than the good, how being unhappy is meeting those needs for me. I took the time I needed to get honest answers, and also I thought about some examples from my past experiences, both “good” and “bad” experiences. Then I asked myself, “How might being HAPPY get those needs met for you? How might being CURIOUS rather than judgmental get those needs met for you?” And then I took the necessary time and thought to get some real answers and examples around that, too. What an interesting exercise! And VERY educational. I plan to stay with this inquiry for awhile. I’m thinking to do it around all sorts of things, like drinking and being overweight and whatever else. The thing is it’s such a non-judgmental inquiry. It is pure intelligence gathering. And if, in the process, I find answers that will change the behaviors that aren’t taking me where I want to go? YEEHAW!

Have you done something new today?

12 thoughts on “Days 299 – 301: Kitty, Fame and Fortune, Six Basic Human Needs

  1. Frank Norton

    Interesting … for every day, some 9 billion animals are killed to feed our some 7.6 billion people. And every day millions of people are killed by our predators and eaten, and killed by bacteria and viruses.

    We are all on the food chain. Even a diet of water contains all kinds of creatures. Unless you are not a cannibal , you should follow the 10 Commandments and be good to your fellow humans … such as your spouse, children , extended family, and friends. And be kind to your pet animals.

    I know that this is a difficult responsibility … and remember that spiders, snakes, bacteria and viruses can kill.

    1. sarahj Post author

      Hi Frank. I hear you! Oddly, I’m a card-carrying carnivore. And I imagine that if I was dying of hunger, or living in the woods, or it was “him or me,” I’d probably kill something. I have learned to live with the many paradoxes that I hold within myself. Also, once I’m dead? I couldn’t care less if something eats me. I believe that what is essentially me will no longer be present in the clay husk I leave behind.

      1. Frank Norton


        Rereading your article on the six basic human needs, I do not see your number 6 ? Health is necessary for obtaining the other five. However regarding your clay husk that you say that you will leave behind, most cultures are very protective of their bodies after death. When graves of past lives have been dug up, the remains tell much about their lives and cultures. Much of human history is discovered in this way.

        This is also true with extinct animal species where their hair , bones and blood still has viable DNA after millions of years, found in amber, ice, and rock. This DNA is being used with the hope of bringing back the animal species, or else some of the animal characteristics . You might be surprised to learn about the duality of life which contains both the physical and spiritual .

  2. Frank Norton

    Regarding the duality of life, you may find the book The Quimby Manuscripts (can be found on line) informative regarding being in two remote places at once (duality) , remote healing , time dilation (helpful in changing the odds in winning tennis ) , and the ability of influencing electrical devices (lights and computers) at a distance.

    The book is of the manuscripts of a famous Dr. Quimby who died before he could publish his works, and so his family did it for him. The manuscript gives pictures of his many newspaper reports, personal letters received from those he healed remotely, or by the silent treatment as he did with Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science Church. The Main Church had aired one of my oral testimonials in church around to all their reading rooms and old folks homes, and churches, and with the response received back , asked me to become a teacher in the church … however with my present profession and limited time, and because I do not believe that the bible is the word of God, but of man, I declined.

    Proof of my healing power may have been demonstrated when my wife was told by a lung doctor over ten years ago that her both lungs were so damaged from a fungus infection that there was nothing that he could do for her, and said that she had at most six month to live. Today she is still alive (her lungs are mostly healed) , and he does not understand how and what has kept her alive. Read the Quimby Manuscripts and see how and why.

  3. Frank Norton

    As a footnote, Dr. Quimby wrote that he had learned the healing methods of Jesus, and had a detailed description on the last chapter of his manuscripts. However like healing taught by Christ Scientists in the Christian Science Church (their healers) it is not just knowing about healing, it the total belief in healing that matters. Thus , in my case, things that happens, are mostly not always in my control, but when an emergency arises, it happens. Often when it does as in tennis , card playing, or when I avoid an killing automobile accident, the other persons involved are unsure how it could have been avoided , or even could have happened.

    In the early years Loretta thought that I was a god, later in life, she said that I thought that I was a god. Actually , we are all gods …. but few believe it.

  4. Frank Norton

    Second footnote:
    Those familiar with a Doctor Mesmer who practiced and taught Animal magnetism (from whom the word mesmerism resulted) was also a teacher of Dr. Quimby , who studied his methods, and determined that it was not the magnetic baths in ice water that caused the cures, but a psychic young man who assisted Dr. Mesmer was the actual cause of the cures. Dr. Quimby then hired the young man to work with him, and from him learned to by a psychic also.

    The silent healing method involves learning the patients name, and by mentally entering the mind and body of the patient, could learn what was wrong and how they felt …. and then would tell the patient when and how the problem started, and how they could be cured from the problem. This was how Mary Baker Eddy was treated at her age of 80+ years old , when doctors had told her that they had no cure.

    Thus inferred, one who does mental healing, etc., must but be able to read (enter) another person’s mind, and put suggestions and images in their minds . Loretta has had problems with this since she met me at the age of 12, her mother was concerned with me regarding this because , like all women, are psychic , as have the co-workers that I have worked with over my 55 year career in engineering. I have to be very careful not to anger folks.

  5. Frank Norton

    An interesting thing about the special abilities mentioned above, most of them are possible generally under the age of 65, before the brain has shrunk and lost much of its capacity. This was also the case with me. Actually after the age of 65 they become random , and under a strong emotional state. However they began to be experienced upon by the age of some 7 or 8 years of age, in my case.. It is said that the adult brain reached its peak maturity by the late 20’s, and then it begins to wane as one grows older. My abilities and accomplishments were the greatest in my late 20s and early 30s, such as is the case of most scientists when their greatest works were done. In my case, it was the largest computer control center in a utility (PG&E) which controlled the electric and transmission lines and generation, and gas transmission pipe lines and compressor stations covering over half of California. This was documented in the Who’s Who of intellectuals , published in Cambridge England , back in the 1980s..

  6. Frank Norton

    Does man have the ability to cause climate change ? It has been reported in history books regarding the American Indians doing their rain dances, and cloud busting to maintain water and sunshine needed for their successful corn crops.

    Recently, scientests are thinking that the dark matter which is some 5 times the mass of regular light emitting matter is involved in climate changes. They have discovered that dark matter is found around galaxies and solar systems. Thus around the disk of our galaxy , which our sun bobs up and down through every some 30 million years, at which time the center of our sun and Earth accumulates additional dark matter in their centers. The increased concentration , temperature and pressure results in the increased decay of these particles which gives off much heat energy.

    This additional heat effects both the sun and Earth. On Earth , as on the sun, this heat increases the expansion of both bodies, and on Earth, increases the number of volcanos and surface plate movements.

    Stand by for further developments .

  7. Frank Norton

    Do we have control over our IQ (Intelligence ), or are we born with it ?

    Scientists have identified 22 genes associated with intelligence. However intelligence is not solely the the product of DNA … It is the product of both our genetic makeup and our environments, as well as the complex interplay of the two.

    Synaptic plasticity is significantly related to both intelligence test scores, and our cortex thickness. Thus our IQs are related to our genes from our parents, how we have educated ourselves in life , and taken care of our body.

    Of course this makes sense , but few believe in or practice this.

  8. Frank Norton

    Regarding the Christian Holy Bible, and who wrote it, according to the Gospel of Judas, written sometime in the 2nd century AD by the Gnostic Christians ( the only known copy was dated between 1,700 and 1,800 years old after surfacing the 1970s) , Jesus tells Judas that human life originated from the Sirus Star System.

    That begs the question : was Jesus a hybrid between the Virgin Mother Mary, and an astronaut father ? Women in the days of Jesus, were considered virgins until marriage.

    The several missing pages in the found Gospel of Judas may have related to the resurrection. Thus a possible connection to the teaching of Dr. Quimby related to Jesus..

  9. Frank Norton

    Will the Earth eventually wind up like Mars ?: Frozen , without water, oxygen, and with an atmosphere consisting of CO2 !

    On Earth, water vapor does some 99.8 % of all atmospheric heating. CO2 drives out the the water vapor in the air by forming clouds and rain. Thus cooling there atmosphere.

    The Le Chatelier principle of equilibration for gases describes how this works. Thus the CO2 cause for global warming is a fraud, and will not make Earth uninhabitable. Physist Sir Steven Hawkins who says mankind must leave Earth and settle on Mars is way out of his leauge in making such predictions.

  10. Frank Norton

    Hi Sarah,

    Also relating to your six basic human needs, one must consider life’s duel citizenship across time and space … the material and none material worlds. In Mexico it is celebrated by the Day of the Dead. For some it is celebrated by the communication between the living and the dead. When on lets their guard down, they are often visited by our gone relatives, or travel to their past lives in the sleep and dream state.

    People may describe their dreams as nightmares, or of visitations of their prior lives.People who talk of the later dreams, may say that they had happy happy dreams.


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