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Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea

It’s been six months since I last posted: six months! Admittedly, I’ve felt some guilt about that. However, moving back into an actual life, as in, I am once again a “contributing member of society,” takes up a whole lot of time and energy. In any case, I’ll start with the big exciting news: as of March 31, my third book, Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea, is complete, and available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle!!! This crazy book (which I honestly love!) seems to have taken forever to finish, but, as with all labor (if the mothers I talk to are to believed) the end result makes it all worth while. Continue reading

Days 313 – 316: Book Signing, Para-Sailing, HOME!

Photo 19I packed a lot into days 313 – 316! My last days in Mexico, I did some wandering around Puerto Vallarta, deliberately walking down streets I’d never been on, managed to find the ice cream store for a last (two!) treats of ginger ice cream (yummy!), did a book reading and signing, ate gazpacho for the first time (lemongrass scented, no less!), went para-sailing, went to my own goodbye party, got caught in a traffic jam on a dirt road where one lane had been dug out into a six foot trench for about a quarter of a mile… I was busy! A Page in the Sun hosted the book reading and signing. This was the first time I’d been the only author at a book store event, though I had done a book club once. Also, this was unusual in that I was  Continue reading

Days 289 – 292: Robert Moss & This & That & Company!

20141017_100340Thursday, day 289, was another day when I chose to stay at the apartment, resting the ankle that I twisted badly two weeks before. It wasn’t showing signs of improvement, and I was getting discouraged. Nonetheless, I managed One New Thing. I’ve been interested in dreams and their meanings for many years, since I’ve had a quite alarming Continue reading

Days 264 – 266: Thirsty Cougar, RECORDING! & Fire Dancers

20140921_194511Everything is new in Mexico! But at the same time, it is life just like anywhere else, with meals to eat, shopping to do, dishes and laundry to wash, and routines to slip into unnoticed. The view out the window is different, but I still sit there staring, staring, staring, just like I did back home. I still have facebook and I send and receive texts. I meet new people every day, I eat at new restaurants, and it starts to feel like new is old. Sunday, Day 264, I ate pot roast on a sticky hot balcony at the Thirsty Cougar, a very cool little second story bar/restaurant. Really? Pot roast in Mexico? Yep. And it was darn good pot roast, too. I chatted with the server, Tina, a new person but my usual behavior. Is all that new, or is it old? We came out into the cooling street and there, standing on the the sidewalk and tied to a nearby railing, was a donkey. Okay, that was new new! Continue reading

Testing Uno Dos Tres

20140922_084229Here in Puerto Vallarta, David and I have some interesting challenges with this audio book project. We are working in his apartment. He’s made me a little booth of sorts with foam padded walls, tucked into a corner of his living room/office. Even so, we need to pick a quiet time of day to work or the noise will encroach into the recording. Even with all the windows and doors closed (hot, humid!), loud noises will penetrate. All those noises that are just part of every day life suddenly become challenges to a recording project. Weekday mornings are out, because the apartment is close to a grade school, and those little kids generate an incredible amount of noise. And let me just mention here that the neighbors with roosters are not winning any brownie points. Neither is the guy who seems to be a compulsive hammerer.  Continue reading

Days 259 – 261 Flying Standby & Hello Puerto Vallarta!

Tuesday  was – at last! – the beginning of my Big Mexico Adventure. I was flying on a buddy pass, which means that someone who works for an airline intervened on my behalf and got me a great deal on a flight (many thanks to David’s friend Kathy!). It also means that my dates of travel are optional, that is I have a year to use the tickets, and I’ll get refunded for any and all air miles that I don’t actually use. And it means I was flying standby, my first One New Thing of day 259. Beth had me at the airport by 5:15am for my 6:59 flight to LA. I was told that the flight was pretty tight, but they’d let me know if I got a seat. So I waited. And waited. And waited. I did a pretty good job of not panicking. There are many flights from San Francisco to LA on any given day. However, there is only one flight from LA to Puerto Vallarta every day, and it leaves at 10:10am. If I didn’t get on the 6:59 flight from SF, I’d be kicking my heels up in LA overnight, which was not my preference. Continue reading

Days 232 & 233: Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot & Website Trauma

Wednesday’s One New Thing was a visit to a new restaurant, the Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. I thought my girlfriend Angel had suggested it, so I invited her to join me. Even better, she hadn’t suggested it, had never been there in fact, so it was new and exciting for her, too. And she invited another friend, someone I knew a little and hadn’t seen for awhile. In fact, I’d only met him a few times, and every time I’d seen him he’d been wearing a ball cap and a grubby T-shirt, and furthermore I didn’t know she’d invited him to join us. So when I got to the restaurant, the maitre d motioned me in and told me my friend was waiting for me. I didn’t see Angel, just a young man with a long ponytail slicked back, wearing a white sport coat and standing by a table looking at me. Honestly, he looked a little . . . suspect. I scowled at him and said, “That’s not my friend!” (I’m nothing if not graceful!) Then I took a second look and realized who it was and then, of course, I was terribly embarrassed. He handled it with more grace than I, though, and soon enough Angel arrived and we could forget my faux pas.

Continue reading