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Dealing with the New Year

I notice it’s been a week since my last blog post. I find that I’m somewhat at a loss, now that I don’t have the compelling One New Thing to get me up and in motion every day. I hadn’t realized how vital that was. Now I’m once again dealing with low-level anxiety and the blues. Part of that is no doubt simply the completion of a huge, year-long goal, and maybe the post-holiday deal as well. In addition, it looks like my life circumstances may be in for a big change this year, not by my choice though it is, in fact, for a very good reason. Nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of anxiety around that situation. And I am still doing new things. I’m more adventurous in the kitchen now. I’m paying very close attention to what my body is asking for (since I responded so painfully to that detox), and it’s giving me some unexpected answers and creative Continue reading

HAPPY NEW YEAR! One New Thing Final Call

20141231_182241Happy New Year! This past year has been amazing in so many ways! And I had hoped to wrap it up in some spectacular, off the wall, or intensely contemplative way. But instead I finished off the year much as I’d lived all of it: One New Thing at a time, doing what came to me to do. For some time now, I’ve been hearing references to Dr. Who. I admit, I honestly thought it was an old James Bond character. But it kept coming up, so I finally investigated. Boy was I surprised! So I decided to do a Dr. Who marathon. After all, this show seems to have become a piece of our American culture, and it seemed time for me to catch up on this piece. So on Sunday, day 362, two friends and I got take-out barbecue Continue reading

Days 352 – 356: Poinsettia Giveaway, Chicken Holding, Nose Flute . . . .

Cracked up SarahLast Friday I was trying to think of something really scrumptious for my One New Thing. As the final days of this year-long journey roll by, I want to find really fresh things, and not just do new foods by default, or just walk in a new neighborhood (though it may come to that!). Friday (day 352), on my way to Trader Joe’s, and had a great idea. I’d buy a poinsettia and just give it away to a random shopper. So as soon as I got there, I picked a gorgeous little specimen, went directly to the check-out stand, and bought it. I kept the receipt to give Continue reading

Days 345 – 351: Doing the Detox & Playing with Color

20141212_175236Today is day 7 of Dr. Hyman’s Bood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. I admit I will be very happy when we’re done. Although much of the food is a lot better than I’d feared, I don’t feel any better, either physically or emotionally. In fact, because of the way the detox is set up, I feel stuffed and bloated most of the time, which is not a feeling I enjoy at all. Also, getting up at 6am to go for a 30-minute walk in the dark does not suit my natural biological rhythms at all. Nope, no way, no how. So although the program promised that I’d be feeling better Continue reading

Days 342 – 344 and beyond…. Toyota Truck and The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

20141209_153046Tuesday, day 342, was Get the Christmas Tree Day. As a special bonus, our Man About the House offered to drive us in his old beater Toyota truck. Joel has lived with us for over a year now, but I’ve not ridden in his truck before. And while it may seem like riding in someone else’s vehicle maybe oughtn’t to qualify as a ONT, that’s because you don’t know Joel or his truck. I had no Continue reading

Days 335 – 341: Work, Wax, Walking, Learning & Listening

20141204_091450This past week a lot of my ONTs have been taking the next step in a new process. Days 335 and 338 were learning new things at work; Tuesday I was learning about how the machines work, how to thread them, etc., Friday I started to learn the process from the computer and design side. Days 336 and yesterday were the next steps in wax processing. Wednesday we cleaned off the Continue reading

Days 330 – 334: Food & Work – sound familiar?

20141127_124532Thanksgiving Day I spent with my sister and her boyfriend with friends of his in San Jose. While being sort of a lone bird in a flock of comrades isn’t really my thing, I had a pretty good day: nice people, good food. My contribution to the feast? Sweet Potato and Spicy Pecan Crisp (why don’t I ever eat something with a short name?), from It was deeeeelicious! The sweetening is organic maple syrup, which I had to stretch with our own good raw honey since I didn’t have enough. I also added a teaspoon or so of a lovely spice mix I have which includes Continue reading

Days 324 – 329: One New Thing with a side of Migraine & a JOB !

Sarah Swing Smile 2While today’s ONT is cooling on the counter and the killer mashed cauliflower is baking, I want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful to you all, even those of you I don’t know, who sneak in, steal a read, and slip away undetected by all but my statistics program. Thank you for joining me on my life journey!

Every now and then I get a weird headache/migraine hybrid that can stick around for days or, as in this case, more than a week. It lurks around like a prowling headache, every now and Continue reading

Days 317 – 323: Hiking, Company, High Risk Tasting

20141114_134149Oh my heavens I am exhausted! I got home from Mexico, had one day in which I should have rested but I was so jazzed up that instead I took a long hike. Before I’d made it half way up the ridge, I knew I’d made an error in judgement, but my stubbornness kept me going, and I went all the way to the top and even did some tree climbing. On the Continue reading

Days 286 – 288: Apartment Hunting, Feeding the Iguana & El Rio BBQ

20141013_142735Monday, day 286, I got to go apartment hunting! Or rather I got to go look at an apartment that had already been mostly-sort-of decided on. My host and a friend of his have decided to go together and get a place that’s huge, right in town on the river (no more hill-walking for David!), and very quiet (much better for recording). Continue reading