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Days 342 – 344 and beyond…. Toyota Truck and The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

20141209_153046Tuesday, day 342, was Get the Christmas Tree Day. As a special bonus, our Man About the House offered to drive us in his old beater Toyota truck. Joel has lived with us for over a year now, but I’ve not ridden in his truck before. And while it may seem like riding in someone else’s vehicle maybe oughtn’t to qualify as a ONT, that’s because you don’t know Joel or his truck. I had no Continue reading

Days 317 – 323: Hiking, Company, High Risk Tasting

20141114_134149Oh my heavens I am exhausted! I got home from Mexico, had one day in which I should have rested but I was so jazzed up that instead I took a long hike. Before I’d made it half way up the ridge, I knew I’d made an error in judgement, but my stubbornness kept me going, and I went all the way to the top and even did some tree climbing. On the Continue reading

Days 296 – 298: Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea, Odd Little Things, Strange Reading

20141023_125216Thursday, four weeks after my first misadventures going into town alone, my left leg is in great condition again and I was ready to get some uphill/downhill exercise. I’ve edited and edited and edited Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea, I’ve sent it to my niece-in-law for editing and reworked it again, and I needed to get it off the screen and into hard copy, so I headed down the really scary steps to a copy shop. Unfortunately, the trip was shorter than I’d anticipated because try as I might I could not remember the necessary information to open my email, since it’s been successfully pre-programmed into my laptop for years now. That meant I couldn’t pull it up on the copy shop’s computer, and thus – no printing could be done. So, right back Continue reading

Days 289 – 292: Robert Moss & This & That & Company!

20141017_100340Thursday, day 289, was another day when I chose to stay at the apartment, resting the ankle that I twisted badly two weeks before. It wasn’t showing signs of improvement, and I was getting discouraged. Nonetheless, I managed One New Thing. I’ve been interested in dreams and their meanings for many years, since I’ve had a quite alarming Continue reading

Days 275 -277: Hitting the Pavement – Literally! – in Mexico

I was so proud of myself on Thursday. David was gone for the day, and I decided to be big and bold and take a little walk all by myself. The many roads down to town have certain things in common: they are all brutally steep and involve rugged scored concrete, greasy pitted cobblestones and high, torturous steps. We walk down, then taxi back  up. But I’ve been wanting to try walking back up, too. David’s put in his time, he’s over it, but not only did I want to do it just to do it, I also wanted to give the different muscles in my leg that workout. So while he was gone, I decided to do just a little part of the walk down, turn around and come right back up. And so I did. It was totally survivable. I was so proud.  Continue reading

Day 241 & 242: Chocolate, Valley of the Moon Fiddling Concert & Step Dancing

Beth and I were invited to a Fiddlers’ concert in Santa Cruz Friday night. We didn’t really know what it was all about, but the invitee was a friend of Beth’s from work, and fiddling is 20140829_174214always good, right? So of course we decided to go. We were warned by someone who ought to know that driving to Santa Cruz on the Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend might be a really bad idea, and that we should leave as early as possible since it could easily take hours and hours instead of the 1+ hour we could expect in smooth traffic. So we left home at 2:45 for an 8:00 concert.

We got to Santa Cruz at 4:00 Continue reading

Days 236, 237 & 238: New Boyfriend, Shadow Cliffs and Parsley Tea

No, y’all, not my new boyfriend! Sunday I got to meet Beth’s new boyfriend for the first time. As this picture accurately conveys, Beth and I have a marvelous friendship in addition to our sistership. So when she goes out of town and gets herself a new boyfriend (NBF), I definitely have to vet the guy. And Sunday was the day. The NBF came up to escort us to a party. I actually hardly talked to the guy at all. First off, although I care intensely what he’s like and want only the absolute best for Beth, I still shy away from an actual interrogation. Secondly, there were lots of other interesting people at the party, and I may not have a chance to see them again.

Continue reading

Days 6 and 7: Exercise Ball Bouncing

So, okay, today we’re going bass-ackwards and starting with day 7’s One New Thing, in which Sarah learns how to transport a video from her phone to her computer, and from her computer to her blog. She also learns that she may want to get her camera-person to hold the phone the other way in the future, but, oh well. Transporting video is a valuable skill, and one I will no doubt be using in the future. But it doesn’t seem all that interesting to write about.

So back to day 6! I will let the aforementioned videos tell the bulk of the story, but the quick gist is that, in lieu of a mini-tramp that I could bounce on to stimulate my lymphatic system, I bounced on my exercise ball, non-stop, for fifteen minutes. 

Naturally, as soon as I was ready to start bouncing, our house-mate came in to fix his dinner. He is very efficient and cleans as he goes, so that background noise is cooking and cleaning and water running.

Beth’s ONT was learning how to video, in this case with my phone. We did not agree on signals or method first, we just flew by the seat of our sweatpants, so if these aren’t the smoothest videos ever, that might be why. But all-in-all, I think she did a fabulous job, considering what she had to work with.

I didn’t know if this was going to be a good idea or a bad one for my healing leg. I still don’t know. But it sure hurt more after the big filming event than it did before. My knee is pretty tender still today, but I choose to believe that all these little steps forward and steps backward are part of the natural healing process. After all, the Golden Gate Bridge walk started out rough and by the time that was done, I could barely hobble, but the next day I was all good. And I’m only limping the tiniest bit today. 

Three things stand out for me as I watch these videos. The first is that I am a total goofball. The second is that I derive great amusement, even pleasure, from my own goofballishness. Which brings me to the third thing: throwing myself into my inner goofball is so much fun for me! And that’s a good thing to know.