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494167A brief summary of the life and times of Sarah J. Faulkner

The short and pithy version: Sarah J Faulkner has never quite fit the “norm.” After living with undiagnosed chronic clinical depression for over 30 years, followed by another seven years on anti-depressants after diagnosis, she found a way to heal herself. Though she still deals with extreme anxiety, she keeps pushing forward into ever-improving mental and physical health. She is absolutely committed to using her own experience to benefit others through her writing. Plus she’s fun. Her favorite stories are feel good stories, so that’s what she writes.

happy meThe long, fun version with lots of juicy details: Sarah J. Faulkner grew up in Wooster, Ohio, a small town balanced between academia and agriculture; she wasn’t all that great at either (though she’s made some use of both all her life). However, she excelled at amusing herself and the rest of her large family with her made-up stories and songs, thereby earning the nickname “Radio.” She also loved drawing, tromping around the nearby woods and fields, climbing trees, stealing the neighbors’ apples, and eating sun-hot tomatoes fresh out of the garden. Except for the apple stealing, she hasn’t changed much.

At eighteen Sarah moved to Michigan, and by twenty she had married. Her marriage had a pretty good run, closing after twenty years and twenty days. Three years later she once again hit the road, this time driving her loaded van 2550 mileshappy smile to California, where she still lives.

Easily bored, Sarah has worked with sheep, at a newspaper, and in retail. She has sold food, clothing, custom made canvas bags, musical instruments, greeting cards, books, gifts, and recreational vehicles. She has been a picture framer, a house painter, a vocal performer, and a massage therapist. She dreams of being a life coach, and practices on strangers in the grocery store.

Sarah loves to dance, likes to bicycle, and intends to run. She juggles a variety of interests including, but not limited to, playing with the ocean, gardening, beekeeping, knitting, laughing Sarahpool playing, hiking, camping and baking. She designs extraordinary garments and comfortable dancing shoes in her imagination, but so far lacks the skills to create them in the real world.

And she loves to write. Or, perhaps more accurately, she loves to go along for the ride when a story is using her to get itself written. Being so used is an honor and a privilege, and furthermore, it’s just plain fun.

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