Monthly Archives: January 2015

Observing Anxiety

Ever since I finished my year of One New Things, my anxiety levels have skyrocketed. If you’re asking why I’m anxious, then I’m pretty sure you’ve never experienced what I’m talking about. I don’t know the why. There’s a story in my psyche that I haven’t been able to shake, though I did at least finally identify it. It says, “If you move, you will die.” It raises its hideous head whenever I try to take some sort of forward motion in my life, like writing or drawing or singing – all those things that gave me incredible joy when I was younger. Like right now, on my to-do list is 1) Continue reading

Celebrating Serendipity

braceletsIt’s been an interesting week! The high points will require some back story, so bear with me. Back story 1: During the summer of 2013, when my two week vacation in Michigan unexpectedly turned into five months, Beth’s and my home in California was robbed. Mostly they took jewelry, and the saddest part of that was the pieces they stole that had sentimental value. Beth lost a pair of earrings that had been a gift from someone very dear to her who had passed over a decade earlier. Though both Beth and the insurance company did their best, they could not find a suitable replacement, which has been very sad for Beth. Continue reading

Confession of a Failed Beekeeper

Okay I admit it. I hate beekeeping.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bees. I love to sit by their hives and breathe that warm honey-scent that permeates the air. I like it when they land on me; I consider myself bee-blessed. I love their cheerful buzzing, and their endearing clutziness. I don’t mind the work involved in separating the wax from the honey, straining the honey, or cooking down the wax Continue reading

Dealing with the New Year

I notice it’s been a week since my last blog post. I find that I’m somewhat at a loss, now that I don’t have the compelling One New Thing to get me up and in motion every day. I hadn’t realized how vital that was. Now I’m once again dealing with low-level anxiety and the blues. Part of that is no doubt simply the completion of a huge, year-long goal, and maybe the post-holiday deal as well. In addition, it looks like my life circumstances may be in for a big change this year, not by my choice though it is, in fact, for a very good reason. Nonetheless, I’ve got a lot of anxiety around that situation. And I am still doing new things. I’m more adventurous in the kitchen now. I’m paying very close attention to what my body is asking for (since I responded so painfully to that detox), and it’s giving me some unexpected answers and creative Continue reading

Withholding Judgement versus Enjoying the Moment

Sarah crazy grin2Last night I went to an improve party. Improv is improvisation. In this setting, it’s games that require people to improvise their actions, reactions and behaviors in specific, ridiculous settings (the most famous popular improv example is the TV show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?) When done well it is irreverent, exceedingly silly, often somewhat obscene. Along with over half of the twenty some guests, I’d never participated in an improv event before, though I’ve been wanting to. Sitting near me was a man who sat leaning back in his chair, never laughing, seldom smiling. Of the entire group, he was the only person who looked like he wasn’t Continue reading

HAPPY NEW YEAR! One New Thing Final Call

20141231_182241Happy New Year! This past year has been amazing in so many ways! And I had hoped to wrap it up in some spectacular, off the wall, or intensely contemplative way. But instead I finished off the year much as I’d lived all of it: One New Thing at a time, doing what came to me to do. For some time now, I’ve been hearing references to Dr. Who. I admit, I honestly thought it was an old James Bond character. But it kept coming up, so I finally investigated. Boy was I surprised! So I decided to do a Dr. Who marathon. After all, this show seems to have become a piece of our American culture, and it seemed time for me to catch up on this piece. So on Sunday, day 362, two friends and I got take-out barbecue Continue reading