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Days 324 – 329: One New Thing with a side of Migraine & a JOB !

Sarah Swing Smile 2While today’s ONT is cooling on the counter and the killer mashed cauliflower is baking, I want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful to you all, even those of you I don’t know, who sneak in, steal a read, and slip away undetected by all but my statistics program. Thank you for joining me on my life journey!

Every now and then I get a weird headache/migraine hybrid that can stick around for days or, as in this case, more than a week. It lurks around like a prowling headache, every now and Continue reading

Days 317 – 323: Hiking, Company, High Risk Tasting

20141114_134149Oh my heavens I am exhausted! I got home from Mexico, had one day in which I should have rested but I was so jazzed up that instead I took a long hike. Before I’d made it half way up the ridge, I knew I’d made an error in judgement, but my stubbornness kept me going, and I went all the way to the top and even did some tree climbing. On the Continue reading

Days 313 – 316: Book Signing, Para-Sailing, HOME!

Photo 19I packed a lot into days 313 – 316! My last days in Mexico, I did some wandering around Puerto Vallarta, deliberately walking down streets I’d never been on, managed to find the ice cream store for a last (two!) treats of ginger ice cream (yummy!), did a book reading and signing, ate gazpacho for the first time (lemongrass scented, no less!), went para-sailing, went to my own goodbye party, got caught in a traffic jam on a dirt road where one lane had been dug out into a six foot trench for about a quarter of a mile… I was busy! A Page in the Sun hosted the book reading and signing. This was the first time I’d been the only author at a book store event, though I had done a book club once. Also, this was unusual in that I was  Continue reading

Days 309 – 312: Sheraton Brunch, Car Show … Still Mexico!

Nacho Daddy BugI’m on the countdown here; this will probably be my last blog from Mexico. Thursday I head back home, and between then and now I’m surprisingly booked up. On top of that, I’m already surprisingly booked up almost from the minute I land in California. Interestingly, I’m meeting people in the last few days that I wish – oh how I wish! – I’d met in my first few days here. They are clamoring for me to change my plans and stay, but home is calling me, and it’s Continue reading

Days 302 – 308: How to Be A Redhead Audio & So Much Other New Stuff!

20141105_115210Day 302: WE FINISHED RECORDING HOW TO BE A REDHEAD!!! At something like 12:20am we wrapped up the actual manuscript, and in the middle of the afternoon (shocking, I know, but it suddenly and inexplicably got quiet and we were hella impatient to GET ‘ER DONE!) we wrapped up the acknowledgements for the audio version. And today (day 305 if you’re counting) I saw myself and and my books on a poster at A Page in the Sun, the bookstore/cafe where I’m doing a book reading and signing event next Tuesday night. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, as I settled in at an outdoor table there, I overheard people at the next table talking. They were talking about How to Be a Redhead, and ME! I turned around and said, “Hey! You’re talking about ME!” (subtle, as always) It was quite a thrill! Continue reading