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Days 299 – 301: Kitty, Fame and Fortune, Six Basic Human Needs

20141026_115153I have to admit it: although I have a high regard for all life (such that I don’t even like killing mosquitoes, and I’m a spider-saver from way back), I’m not really what you could call an animal lover. We had dogs, guinea pigs, parakeets, finches, doves and fish while I was growing up, and as an adult I had a dog for 16 years that I loved dearly. I’ve had affection for a couple of cats, but my body doesn’t respond well to cats, and I was told by my eye doctor that I’m allergic to them. In general, I prefer to Continue reading

Days 296 – 298: Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea, Odd Little Things, Strange Reading

20141023_125216Thursday, four weeks after my first misadventures going into town alone, my left leg is in great condition again and I was ready to get some uphill/downhill exercise. I’ve edited and edited and edited Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea, I’ve sent it to my niece-in-law for editing and reworked it again, and I needed to get it off the screen and into hard copy, so I headed down the really scary steps to a copy shop. Unfortunately, the trip was shorter than I’d anticipated because try as I might I could not remember the necessary information to open my email, since it’s been successfully pre-programmed into my laptop for years now. That meant I couldn’t pull it up on the copy shop’s computer, and thus – no printing could be done. So, right back Continue reading

Days 293 – 295: Sue and our Mini-Vacation

20141022_095116So here I am in Puerto Vallarta where I’ve been living and recording for five weeks now. Do I need a vacation when I’m already in a place many consider to be Paradise? Maybe. Do I get one? Absolutely! On Sunday my friend Sue arrived from California to sweeten my life just a tad more. Not only was I really looking forward to seeing one of my very own dear friends after weeks of Continue reading

Days 289 – 292: Robert Moss & This & That & Company!

20141017_100340Thursday, day 289, was another day when I chose to stay at the apartment, resting the ankle that I twisted badly two weeks before. It wasn’t showing signs of improvement, and I was getting discouraged. Nonetheless, I managed One New Thing. I’ve been interested in dreams and their meanings for many years, since I’ve had a quite alarming Continue reading

Days 286 – 288: Apartment Hunting, Feeding the Iguana & El Rio BBQ

20141013_142735Monday, day 286, I got to go apartment hunting! Or rather I got to go look at an apartment that had already been mostly-sort-of decided on. My host and a friend of his have decided to go together and get a place that’s huge, right in town on the river (no more hill-walking for David!), and very quiet (much better for recording). Continue reading

Days 283 -285: Avocado Soup, Signature Lounge & Pickled Nopal

20141010_132304Friday was a stay-at-home day for me as I rested my ankle. unfortunately, it remains stiff and sore and swollen. Add to that this bit of nausea I’ve been having, and David had to go off without me. However he did bring goodies with him when he returned, including Avocado soup, which he loves and wanted me to try. O-o-okay. It sounded weird to me, but when has that ever stopped me from trying a new food? It looked, um, fine. I thought it was chicken based, but what I thought was chicken turned Continue reading

279 – 282: Statue Smooching & Other Fun Experiences

20141006_163744Remember the great art gallery I went to, Galleria Dante? Turns out that not only is it one of David’s favorite places, but also there’s a nice restaurant on the second floor. Who knew? And Monday they were having a dinner special, featuring paella. Couldn’t pass that up! So Monday, Day 279, we headed to an art gallery for dinner. Never did that before! We both ordered the paella, which is essentially a rice dish with all sorts of seafood.  Continue reading

278: Restless like a Dog

The worst thing about injuring my leg is that I’m going stir crazy. No car, and the only other ways into town are taxi or walking down the insane hill, and once I got there I’d have to, you know, walk. Which I could do, but I know that what I really need to be doing is resting this leg for another day or two. I’ve finished three books since I fell on Friday. I’ve watched movies and tv shows. I’ve stalked facebook like an adolescent in lust. David has a life, and he’s continued living it (at my encouragement, grant you), so off he goes, leaving me doing my best not to prowl around the apartment like a hungry tiger in a small cage. Today he went off, leaving Baby behind with me. Continue reading

Days 275 -277: Hitting the Pavement – Literally! – in Mexico

I was so proud of myself on Thursday. David was gone for the day, and I decided to be big and bold and take a little walk all by myself. The many roads down to town have certain things in common: they are all brutally steep and involve rugged scored concrete, greasy pitted cobblestones and high, torturous steps. We walk down, then taxi back  up. But I’ve been wanting to try walking back up, too. David’s put in his time, he’s over it, but not only did I want to do it just to do it, I also wanted to give the different muscles in my leg that workout. So while he was gone, I decided to do just a little part of the walk down, turn around and come right back up. And so I did. It was totally survivable. I was so proud.  Continue reading

Days 272 – 274: Chapter 1, Iguanas & Banderas Bay

Finally, almost two weeks after my arrival in Mexico, we have sorted out most of the technical issues (except the ones that show up like unexpected and unwelcome visitors) and I have started reading Left Turn at Cloud 9 into audio. Our best opportunity for a quiet environment is late at night, because during the day we live amidst a cacophony of ridiculously loud Continue reading