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So Much to be Thankful for!


I overdid it yesterday (I won’t say how, exactly, but the picture might give you some idea), and today my leg is very stiff and sore. Add to that some issues in my very personal life, and today I was feeling a little bit down and lonely. It is a beautiful day, sunny and 60ish outside. A short walk should help me with both things, I decided. Furthermore, I would take my new phone, chosen because it has a fantastic camera, and maybe I’d see something worth taking a picture of.

Well, maybe one or two things. . . .

Have I mentioned how much I love living in California? I mean, honestly, after nine years, I still get surprised by the occasional palm tree.
Wait: did I say “occasional?” I took these pictures one minute away from home.

I wondered how many beautiful things I could capture in one block.
On bad days, I think California doesn’t have season changes. I think the colors are so much better back East.
And then there’s always the fruit. . .
It’s funny how much better I’m feeling. My leg isn’t so stiff… or maybe I just forgot about it. And that other stuff, um, huh? What other stuff? 

One short block. That’s how long my walk was. And in that block, I found so many things to be grateful for. I have a really nice new camera phone. The sun still shines. I am surrounded by beauty. From coast to coast, I have people who love me. 

What else matters?

Weird but – maybe – true?


If you heard of a well researched and documented technique that you could do yourself that could improve your health, weight, finances, emotional health, relationships… would you do it? What if it looked kind of, well, weird? What if it not only looked weird, but just seemed like it was too easy? 

Okay, well, what if it has been used effectively worldwide (remember all that research and documentation) for over twenty years, and is right now gaining popularity (again, worldwide) as a quick and highly effective solution to all those things, and especially for PTSD?

I first heard about tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  years ago. But I guess it was just too weird for me, so even though I did a little bit of it and had an instant and remarkable release in my neck (which had been stiff with severely limited movement for months), I didn’t stay with it. Then I learned a little bit more about it when I was in school for massage therapy and Holistic Life Coaching. But again, I guess it was still just too woo-woo and off-the-beaten-track for me.

But now it’s coming around again, stronger than ever. First came the big NYTimes bestseller by Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution. The fact is that I’ve felt stuck in my life for decades, yet I still have faith that one day I’m going to untangle all my knots and become a successful, contributing member of society – whatever that means. Maybe, I thought, this is the key. So I got it, and I read it, and it is really fantastic and very compelling. Nick gives tapping “scripts” for all kinds of issues (health, weight, finances, etc.), and he gives tools to help you figure out what is getting in the way of you getting what you want, and of course he gives lots of success stories. But maybe it was just too much information for me, maybe all that was too overwhelming, because even though I read and enjoyed the entire book, I didn’t do a whole lot of tapping. 
But then a compadre of Nick’s, Margaret M. Lynch, came out with Tapping into Wealth (another instant big-seller). I’ve watched a couple of her videos, and she seems pretty savvy, so I got the book. Holy Kamoley! She sure gets right down to the nitty gritty on stuff that could easily be messing up your financial life. Plus, at the end of every chapter she gives a link for a free video to help you even more. Free. In a book about garnering greater wealth for yourself. I like it!

The thing is, all of us behave in certain ways because of beliefs we have that we often don’t even know we have. And even if we figure out what those beliefs are that are keeping us from the goodies of life, we still might not be able to figure out how to really change our behaviors. That has certainly been true for me for, like, well, forever. But what tapping supposedly does is change the way your psyche responds to what have been your controlling beliefs. And once those old controlling beliefs are no longer controlling you, your life and your circumstances can start to change. Theoretically.

It’s still weird, no doubt about it. I don’t want to do it if anybody else is even home. And I honestly don’t know if it works, or if it works for me. But it seems I’ve reached the right point, and the right instruction, to be ready to give it a try. 

I’ll keep you posted.